Well, where do we start? What an amazing day we had here at The Dropped Stitch. Our customers absolutely loved the day and thoroughly enjoyed everything that was on offer. 

Our 20% off offer was especially enticing, with many customers stocking up on their yarns and also starting off new projects.

We also had our own large raffle, which saw £500 worth of prizes up gor grabs. 37 prizes were on the list and all customers that came in during April, up until the big day, had hte opportunity to enter. Congratulations to all customers that won a prize!

Our knit and natter club (or twiddle club as we like to call it) was on during the afternoon also, and we physically ran out of chairs (and nearly water in the urn too!) Customers young and old sitting down together, with their projects, chatting to one and another, loving the social aspect of it all.

We must admit, it was one of our best yarn days in the 34 years that we have been in these premises, and we have all of you to thank for coming in, and making it a really special day (even if the wind was howling all day long!)

Thank you to Lets Knit magazine for organising this event, as they have done for the last few years, and we are looking forward to next years event already, so watch this space.


"My first visit to this shop, and what a discovery! The atmosphere was jovial and the selection of yarns quite staggering. Very reasonably priced too. I was unable to stay for a cup of tea, but hope to remedy that one of these coming Wednesdays"

If anyone else has a review of our Yarn Shop Day from this year, please email us using the contact information on our Contact Us page, or email orders@thedroppedstitch.co.uk

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